Battle of two budget titans (bundubeard coffee vs arko)

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Battle of two budget titans (bundubeard coffee vs arko)

Postby matthewoli98 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:53 pm

The first soap in the lineup needs no introduction, hailing from Turkey, the extremely popular a good value for money Arko has been gracing the bathrooms of men all over the world. Many love the scent, and many absolutely hate it. But very few dispute how well it performs and how good for value it really is. Sticks can be found for as little as one dollar, so theres absolutely no question that its a great contender for one of the top budget soaps.

Contender number two, bundubeard coffee, is far less well known outside South Africa, but over here there various soaps are well loved. On of bundubeards goals is to provide affordable wet shaving supplies to the South African market and to promote wet shaving and its current resurgence, and that they do very very well. Their 250g puck retails for a little over double the price of a 75g arko stick, so theyre very evenly matched in the price category and as we'll see later on, very similar performance wise too. So without further ado, lets start the comparison.

Arko shave stick:

Slickness : 9/10, one of the slickest soaps ive ever used.

Residual slickness: 8/10, fantastic residual slickness.

Lather: 8/10, super good latherer, very little soap sure goes a long way, a great option for face lathering.

Cost: 9/10, you dont get much cheaper than arko, its a fantastic product for when youre on a budget.

Post shave feel: 8/10, amazing skincare with a great post shave feel.

Scent: 6/10, some people hate the scent while still love it. I personally like it but ill mark it down a bit before i get accused of being crazy for liking the scent lol.

Overall thoughts: The arko shave stick is a great shave stick perfect for face lathering. Few soaps match it performance wise which is quite remarkable when you consider how cheap this stuff really is.

Bundubeard coffee 250g puck:

Slickness: 8/10, super good slickness, falls slightly behind the Arko in this department, but absolutely remarkable slickness considering its a glycerine based soap. They also have a menthol and tallow range.

Residual slickness: 8/10 good residual slickness comparable to arko.

Lather: 10/10, this stuff lathers like an absolute bomb, 20 seconds of loading produces more than enough lather for 3 passes.

Cost: 10/10, slightly cheaper overall than Arko by weight.

Post shave feel: 7/10, very good post shave feel, not quite as good as Arko though due to the lack of tallow.

Scent: 8/10, a bit muted, but i cant see many people being opposed to its natural coffee scent. Different scents are available though.

Overall thoughts: A solid local shaving soap. Miles better than most artisan soaps ive tried and a super good value for money shaving soap. The only negative is that its only available in South Africa at the moment.

Overall winner: Bundubeard coffee, the bundubeard edges the arko in the scent and lather department slightly as well as in cost. The bundubeard cant quite stand up to the arko with slickness but gets extremely close.


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Re: Battle of two budget titans (bundubeard coffee vs arko)

Postby JAYDEE » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:26 pm

I can speak for these two brands also. The Arko, being a tallow based soap has pretty good slickness but to me not as slick as what the Bundubeard Rooibos gives. The three menthol soaps from Bundubeard are extremely slick - almost as slick as the Stirling soaps. The Arko’s scent is a case of love or hate - personally I love it despite it being very soapy. The four Bundubeard soaps to me smell lovely. If one is on a tight budget both these brands are perfect.

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