Top 6 Vintage DE Razors

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Top 6 Vintage DE Razors

Postby dappershaves » Thu Feb 25, 2021 8:58 am

Top 6 Vintage DE Razors

Firstly there were hundreds of vintage razor models made over the past 100 years and most if not all of them will produce descent shave results. Secondly it’s impossible to own or shave with all of them, so these are razors I have used and therefore by no means comprehensive but also user biased, more for fun and to see what other think and use.

I would love to here your thoughts on razors you believe should be on this list. or at least you use in your rotation. This list might chance over time...

1st Update since initial review.

1. 1930 Gillette NEW RFB LC
The NEW raised flat bottom (rfb) long comb (lc) was made during the Great Recession and is the most efficient and smooth DE razor I have used, its also collectable as not many were made such as the Fatboy/Slim or SuperSpeeds. It’s a 2 piece design. The razor is up in first place because of it shave results, its one of few razor (vintage and modern) that gets close to what a straight razor can deliver.
Notables: Gillette OLD Double Ring, OLD Single Ring, Super Speed Red Tip (aka Heavy)

2. 1956 Gillette Red Tip SuperSpeed
This razor for me comes in at #2 because there’s need fiddling with settings. Its made to tackle any beard with significant blade gap and exposure. Gillette recognised that not all beards are created equal, and so the birth of the first razor series specifically designed for beard types in 3 razors trilogy with Blue, Silver and Red Tip razors. Light indicated by a blue tip for sensitive skin, normal indicated by a silver tip and a red tip for heavy beards. This red tipped bad boy seperates itself from the other Super Speeds not only in looks, but in performance as well. It has a heavier, thicker handle and more aggressive head than any other SS out there. The blade gap is 0.81 and the edge feel is very prominent during shaving, you definitely know exactly where the edge is at all time. The red tip super speed is nicer and more intimidating looking razor than the other super speeds with unusually deep knurling pattern on the handle. The head is noticeably thicker and more rounded across the TTO silo doors than the regular super speeds.
Notables: Gillette Fatboy, Slim & Super Adjustable (aka black beauty)

3. 1930 Gillette Regent
This Regent is also a NEW type with a FB and LC that shave effortlessly. It’s very rare, gold washed, highly collectable and in this case NOS conditions.
Notables: Gillette Tuckaway, Gillette NEW SC, Gillette Big Fellow, Gillette FB LC

4. 1960’s Gillette Slim Adjustable or Fatboy
Gillette made millions of the razors after their success with the Super Speed Flare Tips made to suits beard type for heavy, normal and light. These adjustable razors are a must in every den or collection. Due to the adjustability they suit all blade and beard types, light sensitive skin with smooth blade to heavy beards with Feathers. Just dail in to your needs.
Notables: Gillette Toggle (collectable), Super Adjustable (aka black beauty)

5. Gillette Aristocrat
Aristocrat was another huge sucess for Gillette and was produces over a 40 year span and a true testament to this great everyday shaver. They are very smooth, beautiful and robust razors with either Rhodium on Nickel plating. Some are also gold plated
Notables: Gillette Tech

6. Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip (Silver/Normal)
These razors due to their mild nature is perfect for those starting out or looking for a smooth razor using very sharp blades. IMO they are foolproof and easy to use with the TTO (twist to open) mechanism at the bottom of the handle.
Notables: Gillette Super Speed Blue Tip

Best Modern Affordable Razor
Fatip Open Comb Slant (aka FOCS)
The FOCS is a very, very smooth and efficient razor with any blade, but in particular excel with the sharp stuff. This razor is on par with no.1 on my list of vintage.

What do you think?
:o::: dappershaves
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