Kiebitz #1944 (Northern Lapwing Bird)

Kiebitz #1944 (Northern Lapwing Bird)

Postby dappershaves » Sat May 08, 2021 8:59 am

Not a lot of information on this vintage Solingen blade. Many razor manufacturers did not operate for long in the early 1900’s as WWI, the Great Recession and WWII caused the collapse of may industries and businesses in Solingen but also across the globe.

The famous trademark " KIEBITZ " is the bird Northern Lapwing used by Gebruder Emde in Solingen. Their product range included razors, pocket knifes and table cutlery. Gebrüder Emde, Solingen-Weyer was founded around 1915 when the company was registered and operated for the next 25 years before closing down.

This model #1944 is a 5/8 carbon steel blade with a extra hollow grind, This specific razor had some edge damaged previously and evident by the close proximity of the etch to the blade edge. Heavy rust on the spine, shank and tang was present with lighter spots on the blade face and etc. Spine wear is minimal and it restore very well. The scales was also deformed and needed corrective action to ensure stress where released to stop further deformation.



Most Kiebitz razors typically had plain plastic scales without any etching on the blade. Gold etching and 2 tone scales with their logo was reserved for their export and luxury market locally. Beautiful razor indeed and the owner will be happy with the restoration improvements.
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