Beard Mapping

Beard Mapping

Postby dappershaves » Wed Dec 30, 2020 10:18 pm

Do you have a spot(s) that you find more difficult to get bbs :hmmm
Do you really know what the direction of hair growth is on your face, or do you just follow the typical YouTube N/S (WTG) routine? This diagram below is the typical approach a traditional barber would take to shave your face performing 2 passes.


One would think that our facial hair would grow in the same direction on both sides of our face. However if you look really closely and not just a quick rub with the fingertips, you will see how areas you find more difficult are typically the “chaos” zones. There’s no pattern and the hairs grow in all wind directions.

These are the areas we need to approach differently to get a closer shave, well only if that’s your thing...
My right side and in particular my jawline, under the chin and neck require significantly more effort to get bbs were as my left side I can get clean in 2 quick passes.

To plan for a more effective route that will produce a less tedious approach for my right side I needed to grow beard for 2 days, photograph that side and then come up with specific route(s) that would make this possible without causing irritation. So did my effort pay off? Yes indeed it did but still require some finetuning. They say “The more you know the better it gets” holds true if you are an individual that’s keeps evolving.

So I’ll promise not to sneeze, here’s an example of one of the photos I managed to take. I increased contrast, definition and sharpness. The idea is not to take pretty pictures but rather to get a better perspective of what your up against :whip

~happy shaves, dappershaves~
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