Biggest Impact - Equipment

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Biggest Impact - Equipment

Postby dappershaves » Sun Sep 19, 2021 9:59 am

What makes the biggest difference in your shaves, but more importantly why? Let’s leave technique and post shave from this discussion, its assumed you do this consistently the same irrespective of equipment used. Below and in order of impact is my list. I will explain why, but also would like to hear your thought on this subject.


Blade/Edge: I think we can all agree, it does not matter what equipment you use or technique you follow; a dull or sub-par edge will result in a bad shave. No great soap is going to make up for a crap edge. Additionally a good blade/edge can still give you a reasonable shave even if the lather is lacking. Neither brush or razor will improve the situation. Agree so far?

Soap/Lather: Slip, hydration, stability and nourishing characteristics are what distinguishes a great soap from a good soap. If any of these are lacking it will deteriorate you end result, sharp blade or not. Again a razor or brush is not going to to improve your lather. I know some of you might argue that a brush improves lather, but I disagree. a Brush can’t change the soap formulation, one bristle type/configuration will not make lather better than another brush. Yes 3 different brush type will require different techniques to create as an example Tabac lather. Yes badger brushes retain heat slightly better than other bristles but fundamentally the lather cant change because of a brush. Agree so far?

Razor: This is were the debate might get a bit heated. Similar to the brush discussion above all mainstream razors, old and new will give you an quality shave if your blade and lather is on point. Agree? But dapper, my heavy razor shaves better than a light razor. That might be sir, but that’s a technique issue. OK sure dapper, but my Fatboy on 8 is dramatically closer and more efficient than my post war Tech. Once again closeness is a technique issues whilst efficiency is time/effort characteristics. Both razors will give you an quality shave. Agree so far?

Brush: Nothing to add here as I covered this under soap/lather. But dapper, my Manchurian brush with excellent backbone scrub and lifts my coarse beard like nothing else. Once again, hydrated beard is supple and any brush will lift them. OK dapper, then why do you have many brushes. Spice of life my friend and a opportunity to experience the different characteristics of brushes. Most notably characteristics such as scrub, backbone, density, softness and handle/knot shapes and sizes.

Ok dapper, I agree with your observations and find it somewhat informative. I’ve never really thought about it in this fashion, but what’s your real reason for this article. Good question. I regularly get questions from new and seasoned shaver about what equipment to get next to improve their shave results. My answer is always the same for everyone. Get a blade thats sharp and is in agreement with your skin, properly hydrate your skin and whatever soap you have and evolve your technique. New equipment purchases will not open your “eyes” to evolve and improve on you skills shaving, making lather, optimising razor angles and evolving your routine.
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