All about passes

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All about passes

Postby dappershaves » Mon Sep 20, 2021 8:24 am

I enjoy wetshaving, learned a lot and like sharing useful information, but what makes it wonderful is the feedback from new and seasoned shavers relating their experiences. It’s important to learn from others and evolve your shave, experience and knowledge. So thank you to those supporting this effort and the feedback I receive that keeps me motivated to keep going.

a Topic that is gaining momentum is that of daily 2 pass shaves. It’s not something new, and I want to in particular thank @clouds for describing/sharing his routine with me. This will then be the conversation for today’s talk. Claudio (aka Mr Adjustable) uses, collect and restores all adjustable type razors and his collection is astonishing, follow him if you want to understand adjustables read Claudio’s detailed reviews here viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1585

In stark contradiction to typical 2 pass approaches WTG/WTG or WTG/XTG norms, he recommended using ATG/XTG path that surprised me both in direction and results. It’s important to be on point with your prep whilst using a hydrated (wet) lather and a light touch. The result is the exact same I would expect from a traditional 3 pass shave, just more efficient. I would have expected irritation going ATG first, but nothing. Experimentation with XTG/ATG suggest a less “aggressive” approach that will suit someone with dense and sensitive skin better.

What’s your routine? Let us know with comments below.
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Re: All about passes

Postby ShaverBBS » Tue Sep 21, 2021 6:00 pm

One the occasions that I was tempted to go against the grain, on the 3rd pass, my skin suffered the next day when the hair started to grow back. Don't think my skin is geared for it.
A safe bet for me is therefore a 2 pass WTG followed by XTG.

There's nothing like the feel of a three pass though!
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