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Re: Cigar discussion for newbies

Postby BLES » Wed May 03, 2017 1:34 pm

eviltoy wrote:
BLES wrote:
eviltoy wrote:hmmm some of my people here I see :P. I am starting my cigar and pipe tobacco collection again. Taking delivery of some Liga Privada Papas fritas, Aj fernandez new world and Aj fernandez enclave. Threw in samplers of Oliva Series V Melanio etc too. Anyone know where to get decent international tins of tobacco locally? Don't feel like importing again

Naaah, you probably will only be stuck with me when it comes to pipes and cigars. :lol: :lol: At one time it was only me and Stubble and since he moved to Australia he rarely posts on this section. Chrisvo also recently jumped on the cigar wagon. :D Some local tobacconists stock some tobacco tins but it all depends where you stay. If you're from the Pretoria area I can point you in some direction. ;)

Bit the bullet ordered from 4noggins lol. Will order some more pipe stuff next week

I still want to order some Dunhill Night Cap and Early Morning from them... JJ Cale in Menlyn has quite a variety of tobacco tins. ;)
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Re: Cigar discussion for newbies

Postby Chrisvo » Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:01 pm

Been enjoying a few cigars here and there over the last month and a bit. The only issue is the ridiculous pricing. I've been lucky enough to find another half box (25) of Montecristo No.5 for a very good price. Smoked one today and it was a nice 45-50 minute smoke. A medium body cigar with some earthy, woody and spicy notes making up most of the cigar. There were times were I could pick up a bit of sweetness, a sort of cocoa taste with a slight cinnamon flavour. Only four inches in length but the premium tobacco more than makes up for that.

I would also recommend the Jose l Piedra Brevas cigars. Very good 50 minute smoke. If it were priced differently, I would pick these ones up by the 50s, but alas the best price in South Africa is about R90 a cigar if you buy them in bundles of 25. Unbelievable when considering a box of 5 costs roughly 10 euros in Europe. The Cremas and Conservas are also very good, differing in taste just a bit. Perhaps I'll try and twist a friend's arm when they go overseas and ask them to hit the Duty Free section of the International airport.

For a very quick smoke, I've tried the Ritmeester Senior cigars. Not bad, just a pure tobacco taste though. I took mine out of the plastic sleeves and let them mellow a bit in the Punch cigar box with the cedar wood cut out. This removed the plastic taste and seemed to allow the cigar to breath and take on a slight woody note in its taste.

Other cigars I've tried so far are the Villiger Premium No.7 with the Sumatra wrapper and the King Edward Invincible cigars with the natural wrapper. Was pleasantly surprised by the King Edward cigars, supposedly meant to be rather terrible but these specific cigars, no longer available in South Africa, were smooth, creamy and even had some robust flavour. They're almost 6 inches in length making them a good hour long smoke. The Villiger cigar was okay, nothing special. 25 minute smoke, a woody flavour with some spice notes towards the end. Wouldn't purchase them again.
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