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Ship It To....

Postby JHBBlade » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:33 pm

For those of you considering an international parcel consolidation service, my advice would be beware.

The good prices with inexpensive shipping paid when buying in the USA are eroded quite quickly by the ship it to service costs and the courier cost.

This thread is for DS and Chris to answer the question of how I got my hands on an aluminium Rubberset Brush. It was a long and patient process that unfortunately did not work out to be cheap:

It was an expensive lesson in the psychology of these global shopping services.

So you sign up for a year in order to have the facility to consolidate packages. R600 odd down-payment. I'm going to save big you tell yourself, cheap ebay deals that only ship to USA and buy at leisure (you've got half a year of warehouse time)

So you buy here you buy there. 5 months later you've spent a modest amount of dollars.

So far, so good.

Now you decide to ship some of your purchases. Well cheapest option is to consolidate packages into one box, and courier using aramex. That adds up to a lot more than you bargained on as you pay per package.

Then add VAT, and duties and suddenly shopping like a USA local has become very expensive.

The rubberset was the most expensive of the brushes I bought. It took two months to find one at a reasonable price that was not dented.

R767 for the brush. R36 USA delivery. R94 consolidation into a Box with other purchases, processing paperwork and aramex courier to RSA.

R322 on arrival for duties and VAT which is lighter than I expected. Brushes should be charged at 20%

End of the day R1220 total cost, in my paws, for the brush.

I've a few blades sitting still with Ship it to that I'll bring in later in the year. Then I'm finished.

If you only have one brush per parcel that is then consolidated into one box, the numbers are just too expensive. I think the service would make more sense if making a number of higher value purchases. Then the consolidation cost is less relative to the purchase price.

In my case the total numbers worked like this.
For every R1 of purchase price
USA internal post was R0.17
Consolidation & courier to SA R0.40
VAT & Customs R0.42

Total cost in addition to the R1 of purchase is another Rand. So basically double up the USA eBay cost and you have your total in-the-paw cost to you.

For the cheaper brushes the numbers worked out worse than on more expensive brushes because the cost to consolidate is per parcel, not linked to value.

The other problem I had with brushes was that I only discovered after I'd bought the brushes and had them sitting in the USA warehouse that in some instances a brush required an environmental permit before export. I'm sure this does not apply to vintage brushes, but to be safe I played everything completely above board to try and minimise complications.


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Re: Ship It To....

Postby Thug » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:04 pm

That's a rather lengthy and expensive process.

Have you tried Postbox Courier for consolidation and onward forwarding?

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Re: Ship It To....

Postby deepsouth » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:42 pm

I found something similar with my parcel from Canada, the landed cost is x2 your purchase price.

It was as sure as a nipple stand on a cold day certainty that I was getting my bsb 400 replica from Dr Dulcamara, in the end I opted for the artist club instead and am very happy with it.
I have since given it some thought and can honestly say that I still favor my dandy candy synthetic over some others I've tried.
I will however bulk up on feather blades once I've finished the Proguard and tried the Pro's and Supers. This little shavette speaks to my needs in volumes, I'll try the non folding too in the CJB model GR-100B format.

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Re: Ship It To....

Postby Thug » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:16 am

I wouldn't mind one of those BSB400 replicas in titanium. :D
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Re: Ship It To....

Postby Gaza365 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:55 am

I have to agree with this thread,

I have been using forwarding agents on and off for a good few years before i got into wet shaving, but never really with the intention of getting goods cheaper. its always been about getting things i Really REALLY want and cant find locally.

Once or twice i have gotten a reasonable deal all in, but Usually the shipping is killer.

I once bought an item from the US that just doesn't exist locally, it cost me around R1200, but because it was bulky and moderately heavy the shipping was a little over double that. and i paid 14% at customs.

Usually a higher local price still represents the best price you are going to get. unless its 3 or 4x the price you can get it overseas
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