Review of Splendid shaving soap

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Review of Splendid shaving soap

Postby JAYDEE » Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:19 pm

As I've said before I'm an Israeli dude who left my country in 1989 and the family and I moved to Greece where we lived for fifteen years before we moved here to the Great White North. When we first arrived in Thessaloniki, what did I know about shaving soaps or creams? I had to use whatever was available, right? Well, this brand was used by Greek barbers on mostly older men who would come in for a quick shave after a haircut. It's actually a shaving soap in powder form.

Ease of lathering: 7/10--You have to work hard to get a decent lather.

Longevity of lather: 8/10--If you use enough product and you get the soap/water ratio right.

General skincare: 6/10--Not that good. It's sort of irritating sometimes.

Scent: 1/10--Not too lekker. It hardly has any scent, actually.

Price: 10/10--It costs very little, if it's still available in Greece.

Would I buy again: 0/10--No. I remember a barber shaving me with once and I didn't like it at all.

I remember my Opa using it almost daily and he seemed to like it, I remember my Dad using it too and he was neutral about it, I used it at home a few times but only because there was nothing else to use. I also remember because it's a powder it could make you get a sneezing fit! Take my word for it - there are many better soaps available!
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