Review of Stirling Barbershop shaving soap

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Review of Stirling Barbershop shaving soap

Postby JAYDEE » Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:56 pm

What a soap - here, read all about it! ;)

Ease of lathering: 10/10--Rich, slick lather in no time!

Longevity of lather: 10/10--Perfect stability!

General skincare: 10/10--This soap has such a soothing and moisturizing effect. It's brilliant!

Scent: 10/10--To me it's exactly what an old-school barbershop in the 1970's would smell like.

Price: 9/10--Great value. Stirling is so reasonable.

Would I buy again: 10/10--Without any hesitation!

My friend says this soap smells so nice and after I let him try a shave with it he ordered a tub. He says it's the best soap he ever used. I tend to agree with him on the fact that Stirling makes the best soaps that I myself ever shaved with. The scent on this has a powdery note along with that old-school fragrance you'd associate with a barbershop here in North America or even in many parts of Europe. It gives such perfect lather and blade glide, and when you finish shaving you feel like you went to a spa - what a wonderful, comfortable feeling as well as smooth as silk!

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