Simpson Limited Edition M6 - Best Badger

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Simpson Limited Edition M6 - Best Badger

Postby dappershaves » Wed Jul 07, 2021 11:34 am

The M6 is a limited edition run that has a 22mm knot with best badger bristles. As with the CH2 the best bristles on this brush is a lot softer than expected with moderate backbone and good splay. The bristles are closer to super bristles rather than best which makes it great value. There is no scratch or prickly face feel with great scrub that lathers hard soaps easier then I though it would. This brush is one surprise after the other. Water retention is impressive and will hold lather for 3 passes effortlessly but also cleans and dries quickly, perfect for daily use or travel whilst holding heat relatively well.

My 2 favourite characteristics is the handle size that is not too tall nor short whilst keep lather at bay and away from your fingers. The second is the effortless flow-though that release silky smooth lather on demand. Ergonomically the brush also fits my hand very well and is very comfortable to use. Fit and finish on this brush as with all Simpson brushes is exceptional. This brush is quickly becoming my favourite badger because of excellent the flow-through characteristics, soft tips with great scrub and enough backbone. It does everything I prefer in a brush very well.

I highly recommend this brush as it’s probably the best value/luxury for money brush available. As a limited run they are not available anymore, however other considerations from Simpson with similar dimensions and characteristics can be found in the “59”, Tulip 3”, “Commodore X3” or “Persian Jar 3”
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