DE Blade shoot out Week Thirty Two – Dorco Blue

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DE Blade shoot out Week Thirty Two – Dorco Blue

Postby Gaza365 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:38 pm

So I decided to get back to my blade assessments after a couple weeks break, I’ve revisited a couple of my favorites in the meantime, but it’s been pretty slow going. I’ve had some builders in redoing plaster work on poorly plastered walls, laying new lawn, and some other household chores to get the house looking better than what it has been since we moved in. But life is back to a more sane routine now.
I got a nagging feeling that I should finish what I started :) so ive traded my razor back down and got back on track with the Dorco Blue… some opinions for anyone interested.

Shave 1: starting off with slightly longer whiskers this time than usual. I’ve been using my favorites (smoothest and mildest of all I have used) so this was a slight move to the less mild side from my assessments. The blade provided a nice smooth and comfortable shave, while it doesn’t feel as sharp as the sharpest of the lot, its plenty sharp. But it had a slightly more noticeable blade presence to it. While the blade gave me a good close shave, I found it was not 100% BBS there was no pulling or tugging though and the shave overall was comfortable.

Shave 2: the blade was still giving a smooth and comfortable shave, and with the slightly noticeable feel. Subconsciously I think that makes me more cautious when shaving, but I finished up with a good close shave, again close to but not quite BBS, but close enough for me to be happy about. There was also no irritation or burn, and about 20 min after my shave, my skin felt great.

Shave 3: The third round from this blade was much the same as the first two. Despite the slightly less mild feel of the blade the shaves themselves have not caused any irritation, and there were no nicks or weepers that presented either. The shave was again smooth, and close. By now, Ive begun to wonder if my expectation have just become a bit higher over the past couple of weeks :)

Shave 4: the blade gave a good performance, there was no pulling or tugging, but just the telltale signs that it’s not quite as sharp as it was to begin with, but it will probably go a few more shaves comfortably. The blade was still giving a good close shave, and not causing any irritation or razor burn.

Overall: This blade performed well, it was nice and sharp, gave a smooth close shave, and had an ever so slight bit of feedback in its feel. Despite my raised expectations, the blade is not one I would say I was unhappy with. It also had decent durability, and kept the shave comfortable over the course of the test.

Next week: MEM Super Silver
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Re: DE Blade shoot out Week Thirty Two – Dorco Blue

Postby RiverValleyTrading » Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:25 pm

Great review Gaza. I really enjoyed using this blade. Quite smooth straight out the pack. :thumbup:
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Re: DE Blade shoot out Week Thirty Two – Dorco Blue

Postby JAYDEE » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:53 pm

Unfortunately for me the Dorco Blues were just no good. I was only able to get one good BBS shave from a blade and the rest of the time I was lucky to get a DFS. I also found them kind of harsh, even in my Super Speed which is not an aggressive razor.
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