DE Blade shoot out Week Twenty Seven – Personna Platinum

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DE Blade shoot out Week Twenty Seven – Personna Platinum

Postby Gaza365 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:40 am

Life has been a bit upside down of late, so I haven’t had a chance to convert my notes into online ramblings, so ill be doing double duty today
Notes on my soap for this round (Personal thoughts). I was using RVT “The Cabin”. The soap itself is an excellent product. The Lather is rich, slippy, and stable, and it does not take very much to get a decent lather whipped up. I found both face and bowl lathering to be uncomplicated, and the scent is pleasant while not being overpowering.

Shave 1: The first shave from the Personna was a surprise, I had expected a good blade, but found myself really enjoying this blade. The shave was very smooth, and the blade was sharp. Although a little less forgiving than the shark was previously, but not aggressive per say, so I managed to get a couple of small nicks. The overall shave however was very pleasant. I had no irritation or razor burn, and got a BBS shave.

Shave 2: Another great shave, the blade was still smooth and sharp, it dealt with a couple of days growth without any hassle at all. No pulling or tugging. Just a comfortable shave with no irritation or razor burns. I was less careless this time, so no nicks or cuts, but I didn’t have to be excessively cautions like with the feather. Another BBS shave, and a great after shave feel.

Shave 3: shave three form the persona, and there is was no sign of deterioration. The shave was still smooth, and the blade sharp. No pulling or tugging, and the blade was still dealing with stubble with great efficiency. Still no irritation or razor burn and the overall shave was still completely BBS, which was easily achieved.

Shave 4: the fourth shave was still comfortable, and smooth. I did not detect any deterioration in the blade, the shave was BBS again, and there was no razor burn or irritation. the blade was still plenty sharp, and the shave was still my preferred level of mildness.

Overall (TLDNR)
This is a very smooth, sharp and efficient blade, it also has great durability with no noticeable deterioration over the 4 shaves. It gives a BBS shave with very little effort, and is a very comfortable shave. I really enjoyed using this blade, although I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as I found it.

Next week: Gillette Platinum
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Re: DE Blade shoot out Week Twenty Seven – Personna Platinum

Postby deepsouth » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:25 am

Agreed the Personna is in my top few list. Excellent performer
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Re: DE Blade shoot out Week Twenty Seven – Personna Platinum

Postby RiverValleyTrading » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:45 am

Great review. For me, this blade works best in the Parker Open comb. In the Parker the razor is buttery smoth.
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