DE Blade shoot out Week Twenty six – Shark

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DE Blade shoot out Week Twenty six – Shark

Postby Gaza365 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:36 am

Haai ouens, (Badum Tiss)

Sorry for the protracted delay. I took a few days off work (and just about everything else in life) to do some security upgrades around the house, so I didn’t really get much shaving done in the past couple weeks.
But back into the routine in life, and getting my notes out on the Shark blade

First things first, a couple notes on my soap for this round (Personal thoughts). I made a last go at the TSC soap I have left, not that I have the greatest experience with a large variety of soaps, but this is pretty much the lowest ranked of the soaps I have used thus far.
The soap, in my opinion, is “alright” and I find it will generate a lather fairly easily, but it takes a bit more work and finesse to get that lather Shave ready. It’s not the densest lather around, it has reasonably good slip, but not great cushion. I would still take this over the aerosol stuff, but I doubt I will rush out to stock up on this. I found the scents on both pleasant, and the wife likes the Sandalwood scent.

Shave 1: I had a couple days growth starting out with this shave, and I picked up on a slight bit of pulling on the first pass, similar to the Big Ben Blade, but not quite as much so as that blade. the second and third passes were however very comfortable, there was no pulling or tugging, I found the blade had a very comfortable mild feel, and I got a good close shave, but I found it a struggle to get a completely BBS shave.

Shave 2: Shave two was the very next day, and this time all three passes were smooth and comfortable with no pulling or tugging, I had the same comfortable mild experience from the blade, I honestly shaved a little bit carelessly, and still managed to get no nicks or cuts, or any kind of irritation at all. Once again though, I couldn’t quite get a BBS shave, but it was still a nice close shave

Shave 3: I should have looked at thinning out what was growing on my face before attempting to shave this time since I had around 5 or so days of growth to contend with, but I was stubborn about it, and just got stuck in. there was some mild pulling, like to the first shave initially but I put this down to the length of the whiskers I was trying to lob off. Despite this, the blade managed to clean off all the long whiskers uneventfully, although with frequent rinses. The second and third passes were once again comfortable, no further pulling or tugging just a mild smooth experience. Again, a nice close shave, but not quite BBS

Shave 4: no excessive growth this time around, and again I have 3 comfortable passes, there was no pulling or tugging, the blade did feel like it was just starting to dull ever so slightly, but not enough to cause any discomfort. The shave was still the same closeness, pretty close, but not quite BBS.

Overall (TLDNR)
This blade provides very comfortable shave, nice and sharp to deal, and smooth. It provided me with a nice close shave, but not completely BBS. I found the blade to be very forgiving of sloppy technique and never caused any discomfort or irritation. I feel that this blade would work very well as a daily use blade. it also had good durability, only showing the slightest signs of dulling during the 4th shave, and no loss in comfort over the 4 shaves.

Next week: Persona Platinum
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Re: DE Blade shoot out Week Twenty six – Shark

Postby RiverValleyTrading » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:34 pm

Very ncie review Gaza. I concurr with your findings. A good blade afer you get through the initial couple of passes. Shark on shave number three is alwyas something to look forward to :)
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