DE Blade shoot out Week TwentyFive – Astra Superior Stainles

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DE Blade shoot out Week TwentyFive – Astra Superior Stainles

Postby Gaza365 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:36 pm

DE Blade shoot out Week Twenty Five – Astra Superior Stainless (the blue one)

I remember having enjoyed the Green Astra, blade, so I was hopeful for another good week of shaves.

On the soap topic: I am getting to the ends of the TSC soaps that I started these tests with, so I have decided I’m not going to buy any more of them, but after next week, I will start using the soaps I’ve been hoarding for the last few months. In the spirit of Local is Lekker, I will be trying to use a different local artisan soap each week, and include a few thoughts as that goes along. Once the local stuff is done, I’ll move on to the rest. I will continue using the same Razor as i have been so far, since changing that would have a bigger impact (given how scientific all this has bee :lol: )

Shave 1: The blade was nice and smooth right from the start there wasn’t a hint of pulling or tugging and I finished up with a nice close BBS result. The blade was mild, and very comfortable overall. I finished up without any irritation or razor burn, but there was slightly more than average sting from the alum after this shave, but nothing excessive.

Shave 2: Shave two was another great shave, the blade felt just about identical to the first. Smooth and sharp, with no pulling or tugging, and a mild feel. Getting a BBS shave is also easily achieved with this blade, despite the mildness. I had no irritation or razor burn and the sting from the alum was back to about the usual levels of a mild tingle.

Shave 3: the third shave was another well rounded performance from the blade, it did not appear to me to have deteriorated in anyway, but perhaps, just calmed down a bit. The blade was still sharp and smooth, and dealt with the stubble quite easily. Once again the shave was BBS, and there was no reappearance of the extra sting I had in shave 1. The shave was very comfortable.

Shave 4: Another good shave from the Astra, I couldn’t detect any significant deterioration in performance, there was still no pulling or tugging, and I still got a nice close BBS shave. The shave was nice and comfortable, though I somehow managed to nick my ear during this shave, a notable achievement indeed.

Overall (TLDNR)
This was a very good blade, I think I may have been slightly more impressed if I hadn’t been using as many good blades as I have been recently. The blade was smooth, Mild and sharp, in a good balance of all three, it gave me a nice comfortable shave, I never felt like I was going to slice my face off with this blade. The blade also had good durability, and I never picked up any deterioration in the blade. I would use this blade again, however it’s not a blade I’ve seen often on sale locally, the Astra greens are more readily available and ever so slightly better in my books.

Next week: Shark
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Re: DE Blade shoot out Week TwentyFive – Astra Superior Stai

Postby RiverValleyTrading » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:16 pm

Very nice review Gaza. It's tough to choose between the Astra blue and the green. I think both gove a very good shave :)
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