DE Blade shoot out Week nineteen – Super-Max Super Platinum

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DE Blade shoot out Week nineteen – Super-Max Super Platinum

Postby Gaza365 » Fri May 19, 2017 1:54 pm

This week was the Super-Max Super Platinum. Opinions below for anyone interested.

A bit late this week, but here it is.

Shave 1: this was a good shave, nice and smooth performance, no pulling or tugging, and a good close shave. I had no irritation or razor burn after the shave. The blade was sharp, and dealt with my whiskers efficiently. The overall result was slightly closer than the previous blade. And I got a mostly BBS shave, just a few spots that I hadn’t really given much attention to but could have gotten them BBS

Shave 2: the second shave was another nice shave, the blade had not shown any signs of deterioration. It was still sharp and smooth. The blade has a similar level of mildness to the other supermax blades. No pulling or tugging, I payed the needed attention to the direction of shave, and got an all-around BBS shave

Shave 3: the blade was still putting in a performance that was consistent with the first two. There wasn’t any detectable deterioration, and I got a BBS shave, the shave was still mild and smooth. There was no detectable pulling or tugging and the overall result was another good close shave.
Shave 4: My final shave from this blade started with a good smooth performance, but I could feel ther was some deterioration setting in half way through the shave. There was nothing significant, but it was not quite as smooth as the first three shaves. Despite that, I still managed a fourth irritation free shave, with an almost BBS result ( I was a little less attentive to direction again)

Overall (TLDNR)

Another Well performing Super Max Blade, that put in a good show of smooth and comfortable shaves. The blade had a good run at 4 shaves, I don’t think a couple more are out of the question either, but the noticeable deterioration this time around did seem to come on suddenly. . I was expecting less from all the Supermax Blades, but they all surprised me pleasantly. I found this blade slightly smoother than the green. It is capable of giving a BBS shave, although it needed a bit more focus in a few key areas than other blades.
Next week: Big-Ben
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Re: DE Blade shoot out Week nineteen – Super-Max Super Plati

Postby jegreen » Fri May 19, 2017 4:42 pm

Great review as always. This was my favourite blade until recently replaced by the Rapira Platinum. The best out of the Super-Max range by far.
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Re: DE Blade shoot out Week nineteen – Super-Max Super Plati

Postby Jacquers » Fri May 19, 2017 6:19 pm

Definitely the best of the Super-Max blades. I'm fussy about blades - I need a sharp blade for my stubble otherwise I get tugging and these blades are nice and sharp doing the job well.
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Re: DE Blade shoot out Week nineteen – Super-Max Super Plati

Postby RiverValleyTrading » Fri May 19, 2017 6:52 pm

Nice review Gaza. A good blade indeed.
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