How to rate a DE Blade

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How to rate a DE Blade

Postby Gaza365 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:06 am

Hi All,
I am a fairly recent convert to the world of wet shaving. My Buddy and I each got the starter kit from "The Shaving Co.", while I found this to be a perfectly adequate kit to begin with, I recently upgraded some of my equipment, which I got from RVT, but I am still enjoying the pre/after shaves I received. Perhaps there is better out there, but for now, I have no complaints with what TSC ave supplied in this regard.

My buddy and I Started the journey into the world of wet shaving at the same time, and we have been using the "Baili Super Blue Blades" from TSC, as we thought we would set a baseline for the experience, and we each had plenty of these blades.

I’ve picked up a few different brands that I have seen on the shelves, and I ordered the Sampler pack from RVT, and have also received a few tucks of other blades not included in the sampler. We now plan a grand adventure of testing all the varieties we have gotten our hands on!

We have almost reached the end of our one Month "Base line" and we are going to be testing a different blade each week, under the same shaving circumstances, with varied times between shaves, and approaches to pre shave prep and post shave treatment, which thus far its looking like it’s going to be a 6 month Plus endeavour, we are certain we are going to learn a thing or two (and hopefully no trips to the emergency room for chronic facial haemorrhages!)

Before we get under way though, I thought I would ask some long term enthusiasts for recommendations on what to look out for, and what salient points to rate the experience with each blade. Perhaps after we have selected out top short term performers, we will also do a longevity test on our favourites, but for now we will probably top out at 4 shaves in the week, so any tips on what we should be looking out for, thinking about, or even what you might want to know as we go along would be greatly appreciated?

I will try and post regular updates as we progress
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Re: How to rate a DE Blade

Postby Jacquers » Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:19 am

Here are some of the criteria I'd use:

Sharpness - how easily the blade can cut the whiskers and how much / little tugging there is with the blade.

Smoothness - difficult to explain, but maybe the opposite of roughness. A rough blade might cause nicks and weepers and a smoother one should have less post shave irritation.

Longevity - how many shaves it lasts before it gets dull. I've noticed that if I use a blade too many times it either starts tugging or causing nicks.

Ideally you want something with a good balance of sharpness and smoothness. The razor is also a variable - a blade that works well in one razor might not work so well in another and the right blade can make an average razor perform quite well. Usually a sharp blade works well in a mild razor and vice versa. After a lot of experimentation I have my favorites, but won't mention them to avoid giving you a bias.

Enjoy your experiment :thumbup:
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Re: How to rate a DE Blade

Postby RiverValleyTrading » Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:41 am

very interesting experiment there Gaza. In my humble opnion blades, are just about the most subjective of all wet shaving gear. I'm sure if you asked each member onteh forum for their favourite balde, you probably get a different answer. This is the beauty of traditonal wet shaving. You can mix, match and experiment the find the blade that works best for you. Also, as Jacquers has mentioned, some razor seem to prefer a certain blade.

For starters, I would say focus on the overall technique. Get a good lather going, and clean two / three pass shaves.
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Re: How to rate a DE Blade

Postby jegreen » Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:51 am

Resurrecting an old topic here, but came across this interesting read last night and wanted to put it somewhere: ... s-summary/

Doesn't seem to be an active website anymore, but the comparison between sharpness and durability makes for an interesting (and subjective) read.
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Re: How to rate a DE Blade

Postby dappershaves » Sun Mar 31, 2019 8:02 am

Shave with it, everyone has different hair, technique and prep.
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Re: How to rate a DE Blade

Postby ShavingB » Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:23 am

This will be a great experiment, I think you are going to have some excellent shaves but for sure, some will ruin you.

Blades are one thing I’m scared of testing, blades like Treet, SuperMax, Lion and Feather give me some terribly uncomfortable Shaves.

Blades like Personna Blue, Astra SP and although not too sharp Derby give me some outstanding results. I’m hope you get to test some of these in the mix.

Gillette Minora, Voskhod and Bic also give some nice results for me.

Smoothness is the most important aspect for me when choosing a blade followed by sharpness and then longevity.

Good Luck and be gentle with a new blade..

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Re: How to rate a DE Blade

Postby dappershaves » Wed Apr 03, 2019 8:37 pm

Observations on a variety of blades.
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